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Welcome to Roedale Precision

At Roedale Precision our business of manufacturing  covers three interlinked areas, what we do is strive to give you the best of the best in the following sectors:

1. We specialise in the manufacture of Sound Moderators for use with Firearms.

We are currently Germany's leading manufacturer of Firearms Sound Moderators for hunting and sporting use. We manufacture several types of Sound Moderator, the design of which has been optimised through our R&D work with the University of Applied Science-Osnabrück-Germany. We feel that we are leading the way in this form of hearing protection for shooters, hunters and professionals who use fireamrs as part of their job.

2. We specialise in the manufacture of Custom Precision Rifles..

All our ultra accurate Target – Tactical and Hunting Rifles are built to withstand the toughest of conditions whilst still retaining outstanding accuracy and reliability. All our rifles come with guaranteed accuracy and we present you with the oppertunity to own a rifle that is manufactured to the most stringent tollerances and utmost quality that will meet and exceeds your desires and requirements. We also customise rifles already owned by customers.

3. We specialise in the manufacture of of Custom-Made-Rifle- Accessories.

We manufacture a whole range of exciting accessories and tuning parts for the Precision Rifle. All our own designed parts are manufactured in small series and not mass produced, this enables us to keep the quality constantly high and provide you with exclusively manufactured tuning items that you can depend on.We also retail high quality accessroies from other manufacturers.

  • What we are about
Our small but dedicated team strive to provide you with new and innovative products, many of which are designed and manufactured by ourselves or are manufactured localy and exclusivly for Roedale Precision.We also trade in high quality accessories and parts from other manufacturers. We have direct access to one of Europe's leading Technical Universities for Scientific R&D support and we are always involved in new and exciting projects and products. We are leading the way within the Industry and try our very best to give you the design capability, innovation and quality that you desire.
  • Our Market
Our market is world-wide. We trade within Germany, regularly export throughout the whole of the EU and also throughout the World. So where ever you are, we are here to serve you.
  • Mission Statement
We aim to provide a friendly and informative customer service, with a product of outstanding quality passed on to you, our customers, at a fair price.