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Roedale Precision Team

Pete Lincoln
Pete Lincolnis a Fully Qualified Master Riflesmith with over 25 years experience in Firearms Design, Modification and Manufacture. Originally from East Yorkshire-England, Pete has been hunting since he was big enough to carry a gun. Interested in all things mechanical from a very young age. he was often to be found in the fitters workshop of his Fathers haulage business, helping out the mechanics and when no one was looking, building variouse mechanical devices, most of which could be loaded and fired.

In 1986, Pete followed the familiy tradition and joined the British Army. After basic training he embarked on a technical apprenticeship as a REME Armourer. Qualifying as a Class 1 Armourer in 1992. Going on to gain the recognized civilian Engineering Qualifications as a Gun Smith, gaining the German Equivalent of a HND in Engineering and Qualifying as a Master Riflesmith.

Pete collected a wealth of experience in firearms repair, modification and manufacture, especially with Precision Sniper Rifles, as well as becoming an accumplished marksman during his 10 years Military service.

After leaving the Army in 1996. Pete went on to work full time as a Field Engineer with a Defence Contractor for the MOD. From 1999 to November 2007 he worked full time in the Space Industry. During 1994 Pete began working part time ( If you can call 40+ hours a week part time) as a Gunsmith for a major German Sporting Firearms Retailer, an activity which continued until the launch of Roedale Precision as a part time business in 2005.

Never satisfied with the reliability or accuracy of mass produced firearms. Pete started building his own custom rifles based on factory actions. Hunting partners, friends and shop customers began to take note of the accuracy and reliability of his rifles and soon began to ask “ Can you build me a rifle too ?”.

Due to increased demand Pete decided to start a dedicated custom rifle business and Roedale Precision Rifles was launced in 2005. Pete left the Space Race at the end of 2007 and Roedale Precision evolved into a full time business from 2008.

We combine traditional Craftsmanship and Precision Engineering with Experience and Technology from the Defence and Aerospace Industries.

Specializing in Custom and Semi-Custom Built rifles, based on accurised factory actions and custom manufactured actions as well as the manufacture of precision rifle accessories. 

Roedale Precision build rifles to meet and exceed customer specifications, Pete has definate ideas on rifle design and ergonomics, more and more these ideas are incorporate into our own design products and custom series rifle packages. 

The key to Rifle Accuracy is Precision Engineering. Combining Quality Materials with Tight, Consistent Tollerances and paying Attention To Detail and a Roedale customer must understand that he or she needs to allow us to get on with our job. Our customers have chosen us to perform our service to the highest possible standards, You, your rifle and your money are safe with us. Trusting the craftsman who works on your pride and joy is an absolute must, you can rest assured and rely on the fact that we are trustworthy. We may not be the fastest to deliver as quality does take time to produce. We may occasionaly be difficult to reach on the phone or via email as we are always very busy and we may occasionaly take a lot of flack on the internet as a result. But this is because we offer a very popular service and we are in high demand. We deliver quality that is second to none and produce products that are cutting edge new and exciting, we do not have time to give pointless regular periodic status reports on the progress of one of a kind custom rifles. No news is good news, it means we are busy, if you hear from us it is because there is a problem, or because your rifle is finaly ready, otherwise you shouldn't expect to be mollycoddled with weekly or monthly calls or emails. Please understand that one of a kind custom rifles take a long time to produce, you can rely on the fact that when your rifle is ready I will call or mail you, each and every " is my rifle ready yet" phone call or email that I have to answer is a reduction to productive manufacturing time and will delay every single rifle.
Advice on finding a good might like to consider the following. A tallented old grey haired Master Gunsmith once said. When it comes to choosing a Gunsmith, you should look for the following 3 qualities:

  • Talented
  • Cheap
  • Quick Service

But you will only ever be able to choose 2 of these qualities !!

Well. we are Talented, our Price to Performance Ratio is excellent, and we are working hard to master the quick service, state departments, suppliers and occasionaly a customer can throw a spanner in the works that cocks up the whole time frame, so all we ask is that you trust us to do your contracted work to the highest of standards, and that you don't get upset with us when time schedules slip, we are in the same boat as our customers when it comes to waiting for delivery and together we will see each and every project through.
Pete Lincoln

Geoffrey de Lacy Marshall Geoffrey de Lacy Marshall 
Our dear colleague Geoff starts his well earned retirement on 19.12.2013. They say that no company ever employs a good man - they just borrow him for a few years in his life before he moves on to better and more enjoyable things.
We thank Geoff for his loyal and reliable service and wish him fun and happiness in the better and more enjoyable things he has planned.

Heike Thomas
Heike is responsible for all office management and telephone support as well as helping Scott the webshop activities, from support to processing the orders as well as export and customs matters. She spent many years as an Army Wife, so fits in well with our team of Military Veterans. If you call during our open hours, you will most likely speak to Heike.

Scott Blaney
Scott is an ex British Army soldier ( REME A-Mech). He has an excellent first hand knowledge of all kinds of firearms and is a passionate about field sports. He completed 22 years exemplary service as a vehicle mechanic with The Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, bieng attached to several teeth arm units fighting and repairing his way through most of the tough spots where the British Army deployed. On retiring from the Military Scott became a vehicle mechanic for the British Garrison in Gütersloh, untill we convinced him to come and work for Roedale.
Scott is responsible for our coating processes, quality control and assembly. He also is responsible for processing webshop orders and customer service.
When you call, its likely that you will speak to Scott.