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Roedale Stocks

RCS (Roedale Chassis System)
RCS (Roedale Chassis System)

We originaly designed our RCS 1 due to the need for an alloy chassis type stock for our Avenger 1 rifle actions. There where several on the market that fit the Remington 700, but we noticed that there where none for the Howa 1500 and Tikka T3 and certainly none for the Avenger I. . Hence, whilst developing the chassis for the Avenger we also developed chassis for the Howa and Tikka. We used AICS side pannels from AI on the RCS I stocks and this model proved to be a popular product. All to often we had difficulties procuring the AI side pannels which limited our ability to market this stock effectively. The decision was made to go ahead with a further developed version and thus an improved, more ergonomical stock, compeletly "Made in Germany" RCS II  alloy chassis was concieved. Unfortunately we encountered problems getting our own non thumbhole side pannels made in Germany and as a small Firearms Industry manufacturer we constantly recieved a lower priority than the Automotive Industry in the eyes of the Injection Molding Industry. This however did not deter us from pressing on with our goal. In 2011 we came across Victor Company USA. Victor Company where well know for producting the excellent "Accu.Stack" cheek riser accessories for the AI AICS and when Victor Company introduced the AI stock upgrade "Viperskins" we imediately contacted them. "Viperskins" are very very similar in design to our RCS II side pannels, so rather than work against each other with an almost identical product it was decided that Roedale would use "Viperskins" as OEM equipment on the Roedale RCS II.
Combined with the Victor Company USA "Viperskins", Roedale RCS II stocks deliver unbeatable Ergonomics, Dependability and Performance.


Roedale Raptor
Roedale Raptor

Roedale Precision has designed a new modular Stock system in addition to the RCS II. The "Role Adaptive Precision Tactical Riflestock" ( RAPTOR)  is a completely modular stock can be fitted with different versions of forestock and rear buttstock and thus configured for a multitude of uses.
The Chassis-System uses AICS-Type magazines.
The forward part of the stock can be fitted with interface for accessories. Currently the Raptor stocks are available for Remington 700 SA / Avenger II and other Remington clones. Futher models are due for introduction soon.