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Roedale Delta Series Sound Moderators

Shooting Noise is Harmfull to Your Health!
Most Hunters, Target shooters and most Citizens are not fully aware that the noise around us represents one of the main environmental polution impacts for the human organism.

Delta Moderator
Noise Damages Your Health.
Here we think in particular of the high noise levels around us constantly in our environment, such as traffic noise, workplace noise, aircraft noise, loud music in discotheques, the car radio or MP3 player.

Sound is a vibration, a wave of energy. Particularly the impulse type noise of hunting and sporting firearms, as well as police and military weapons send a shock wave to bombard our ears. The human ear is one of the most sensitive and most complicated Organs. The physician can well explain what happens as a result of firearms noise to our circulation and hearing.

Unexpected shooting noise, muzzle blast impacts on human and animal ears extremely abruptly. Physically speaking, a sudden eruption of the highest energy output combinded with of a chaotic mix of frequencies is released. An extremely high pulse energy suddenly strikes our ears and the ears of our hunting dogs as well the ears of all creatures in the immediate vicinity. The entire physiology of the human bieng and animals when subjected to firearms noise in close proximity, is suddenly in a state of great alert. The body signals the greatest alarm state and immediately triggers an escape and threat reflex. Expected shooting noise is just as harmful to hearing, but releases less of a shock reflex.

Both the human and the dog cannot get used to firearms noise is, the human and animal organism must constantly re-adjust to the sound.

Who ever exposes people or animals to firearms noise over a level of 137dB, accepts what amounts to thier physical and mental torture.
Research proves that every single shot from a large caliber hunting or sporting weapon produces a sound level of > 150dB  and is harmful. This means that the
health of hunters, target shooters and the hunting dog is bieng constantly destroyed shot after shot.

In this perspective, the shooting of firearms without a dedicated "sound moderator" or noise reducer is incomprehensible and unacceptable.
It is against the German law and European emission regulation and the Health & Safety at Work Acts.
Is medically proven that impulse noise above 140dB is extremely harmful. The European Directive 10/2003, and most EU National Laws have set the exposure limit for impulse noise at 140 dB in Article 3. Article 5 of the Directive states that the noise, if technically possible, must be reduced at source as much as possible.

With modern Firearms Sound Moderator's this is technically possible. Thus, Article 6 does not apply, (Article 6 states that personal hearing protection should only be issued as a last resort in cases in which the risks associated with the explosion of noise can not be avoided by other means).

The EC Directive to protect workers from exposure to Noise and Vibration has been taken into national law. The limit value for impulse noise was even reduced from 140 dB to 137 dB in Germany.
Again, priority must be given to preventing noise emission at source as far as is possible. Technical measures have priority over organizational measures. These measures have priority over the use of hearing protection.
Full bore large caliber rifles cause a noise pulse of 150-165 dB, and are thus beyond the permissible limits. With a Sound Moderator this level can be reduced by about 20 to 30 dB (<137 dB) and would thus correspond to legal norms.

The hunting or sporting use of a suppressor, sound moderator or silencer, is not about the silent shot in the James Bond movies, it is not about making poaching easier or making it easier to kill the big red stag on the border without the knowledge of neighbouring estate,
It is simply about reducing the harmfull noise cause with each shot, so that human and animal hearing is protected.

Or in other words: Health & Safety in the practice of Hunting and Shooting sports and this is technically easy and inexpensive to implement.

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